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Fitmiss© (2008) is a line of premium lifestyle supplements specifically designed to meet the needs of women. Featuring complimentary products to any woman’s diet, Fitmiss supports energy, weight management, lean muscle mass, body composition, and general health and wellness. Through the engagement with our loyal and valued customers, Fitmiss promotes lifestyle goal achievement through the aspect of community and personal interaction, signified by our #FitmissTries campaign. #FitmissTries strives to break the stigmas associated with exercising.

We encourage women to step outside of their comfort zones to find the fitness solution that works for them. Whether it is spinning, yoga, weight training, martial arts, or crossfit, allow #FitmissTries to be your guide into something new! Every individual has their own battles and objectives that they aspire to conquer or achieve. We at Fitmiss believe that no one person should feel that they are alone in their journey, and that strength sometimes just needs some extra encouragement. As a result, we have made it our mission to provide the necessary tools for a solid foundation for building a better you.

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To introduce the safest, most scientifically advanced nutritional supplements to benefit the needs of women. The purpose of the FitMiss® brand and its products must be to encourage and empower women to reach their personal health goals by enhancing athletic performance, building strength and promoting overall wellness—all without the use of banned substances.


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